Susie Stevens is moving on from her position as Opportunity Knock’s Facilitator Relations Director on September 1.  We’d like to thank her for her many years of service to the organization. Susie was a member of one of the first OK teams; she then became a facilitator; and she served as Executive Director, Facilitator Relations Director and Member Recruitment Director. Susie has been an OK facilitator for 17 years and plans to continue facilitating OK9 and OK16. We recently interviewed Susie about her experience with OK:

OK:  What has surprised you most about working with OK?
Susie:  The gratification that I have received from seeing the good work that all our facilitators and members provide for each other.
OK:  What do you wish other people knew about OK?
Susie: How valuable and beneficial the experience can be for the participants in saving them time, money and unnecessary worry in trying to figure out all the components of business ownership and operations.
OK: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working with OK.
Susie:  Amazingly talented individuals that are so passionate and committed about their work and the incredibly bright facilitators that volunteer their time and expertise to their teams.
Ok: What is one of your favorite OK memories or stories?
Susie:  My favorite memories were always the annual celebration events, when all facilitators, members, sponsors and friends came together.  It was always a great time and testament of the wonderful people that areinvolved with OK.
Ok: How would you summarize your time with OK?
Susie: Greatly satisfying, enriching and fun!
OK: What’s next for you?
Susie:  I will be reassessing what’s next after the first of the year.  In the meantime, there’s paddling to be done, hiking, yoga, some travel, gardening, moving into a new house and more time to volunteer.

Susie and Don photo 2015

Susie and Don Stevens

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