Opportunity Knocks – Your Board of Advisors

Opportunity Knocks (OK) is a 501 (c) 6 private nonprofit organization that serves the Central Oregon business community. OK matches industry and community leaders to build facilitated synergistic teams. These teams collaborate and act as peer mentors ultimately becoming an informal Board of Advisors. OK teams provide expertise and insight to help you drive success and professional growth for your business.

“In OK, you are not an island. You are connected to an entity that is larger than yourself, that is growing and morphing, that is supportive, that is helpful. Not only a place to belong but a place to both give and receive help.” Stephanie H. – Marketing Management Professionals 

Opportunity Knocks Mission

Opportunity Knocks Mission

Growing business leaders through peer mentorship

The Opportunity Knocks Vision

The Opportunity Knocks Vision

To become the model for how to foster a vibrant, sustainable, collaborative business community.

Opportunity Knocks Values

Opportunity Knocks Values

Commitment, Collaboration, Confidentiality & Accountability

Who are OK Members?

OK members are business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers or key personnel who are looking for business and/or personal growth. The common ground is that all OK members value evolution and advancement, as opposed to maintaining the status quo. OK members welcome challenges and enjoy assessing new ideas, discussing options, and executing plans of action; all key elements in personal excellence and business expansion and success.

“I have enjoyed and gotten more from my OK group than any other group I have ever participated in.” Angela G. – Women Entrepreneurs Team

Why do they join?

Are you interested in connecting with the community in a meaningful way?
Ever feel like you are making important business decisions in a vacuum or alone?
Are you intrigued by the idea of being inspired by dynamic business leaders in Central Oregon?
Do you want to be encouraged to grow professionally and personally and have a genuine interest in supporting the growth of other like minded people and businesses?
Would you like to benefit and learn from other’s mistakes before you make them yourself?
Do you want to be supported and feel more successful and the best version of yourself?
Do you want to take your business to a whole new level?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions….We’ve got you! Let’s start a conversation to see if OK is right for you. Opportunity Knocks is the place for you and your business to be connected to the community and thrive both personally and professionally. 

“We are pitching our company in a few weeks and I was able to get some really great feedback on my pitch from my new group.” Afton C. – Start Up Team

What makes OK different? 

OK is peer-based, and facilitated. Members become each other’s Board of Advisors
OK’s commitment to the business community team by team has become a force in support of Central Oregon’s growth and prosperity
OK is not a networking membership group. Members do not pitch or sell services within the OK network
OK fosters relationship building, personal connections and fun

“I have grown by meeting with other professionals, getting feedback, and listening to experiences.” Jackson H. – Outdoor Team

Membership Requirements

Attendance at a 2-3 hour monthly team meeting that is collaborative and dynamic.
Willingness to receive mentorship – but also to give mentorship back to the tea
A commitment to confidentiality. Information shared is private and confidential
Openness to accountability
Motivation to long-term participation based on team member bonds that will be forged


For more information: Email Michele or call 541-678-3706.