Opportunity Knocks


Collaborative growth through meaningful connections


Support collaborative growth in Central Oregon by matching industry and community leaders with a trusted, local, facilitated group of peer mentors


Opportunity Knocks (OK) is a 501 (c) 6 membership supported nonprofit organization that serves the Central Oregon business and organizational community. OK supports collaborative growth in Central Oregon by matching industry and community leaders with a trusted, local, facilitated group of peers who act as peer mentors, or an informal Board of Advisors.  Your OK team provides expertise and insight to help drive your success and enhance the region’s economic and community development.

We understand that growth means different things to different people and different businesses. OK Teams have the resources and capabilities to help propel business and professional growth for entrepreneurs and employees, whatever the growth goals or stage of business might be.

Flexibility is truly a hallmark of Opportunity Knocks. OK has many different kinds of members and teams designed to suit every individual’s needs.

Common Ground

All OK members value growth. They value inspiration and collaboration. They seek advice and counsel and appreciate the face-to-face environment for these conversations. They prize confidentiality and respect peer participation and perspectives. They look for shared experiences that can help elevate growth in their professional and entrepreneurial skills. They desire a constant – an environment that will always be there for them when they need it.

Who are OK members?

OK members are business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders or key personnel who are looking for business, professional and/or personal growth. The common ground is that all OK members value growth, as opposed to maintaining the status quo. OK members welcome challenge and enjoy assessing new ideas, discussing options, and executing plans of action; all key elements in personal excellence and a business’s growth and success.

OK members are motivated, caring, passionate and focused on growth, whatever that might look like for them. Some are fun, some are daring, some are innovative and many are leaders. No one is interested in the status quo.

As of June 2016, Opportunity Knocks has 23 teams which includes 190 members and 40 facilitators. Teams meet in Bend, Redmond and Sisters, Oregon.

Why do they join?

OK members want to connect and find a respected home where they feel comfortable and able to engage with peers who will support, inspire and encourage them to be their best.

What makes OK different than other resources?

  • OK is peer-based, and professionally facilitated. Members become each other’s Board of Advisors; teams meet once per month for up to three hours.
  • OK forms teams of synergistic peers, in the process creating a collaborative team dynamic.
  • OK membership is a long-term commitment; most OK Members have years-long membership.
  • OK meetings are local, face-to-face and experiential.
  • OK members do not sell products or services to their teams.
  • OK is confidential. OK members know that they can share their information privately and confidentially.

What characteristics make an ideal OK member?

  • A willingness to share
  • The ability to accept feedback
  • A willingness to be held accountable
  • A commitment to help their peers
  • A commitment to attend meetings, to learn and to follow through on action items

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