Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in Opportunity Knocks!

OK teams succeed because of our careful placement of each individual member. We work with you and our moderators, mentors and coaches to find the best fit on a team where you will receive the peer mentorship, insight and support you are looking for.

Annual Dues

OK is a 501 (c) 6 nonprofit organization. We believe in supporting the Central Oregon community and the economic development throughout the region. We take pride in offering our service and support at a fraction of the cost of most professional development programs.

All members will be billed on an annual basis in January. New members will be prorated from the date of membership acceptance until the end of the year:

  • Members of over $750k in revenue and above will be billed $1,500 annually
  • Members from $150-750k will be billed $750 annually
  • Nonprofits and Accelerator teams will be billed $550 annually
  • Additional members from any business will pay $550 annually
Give the Gift of Growth. 
Opportunity Knock’s mission is to empower people and businesses to thrive through peer to peer mentorship. We believe that strong leaders create strong communities. Your financial contribution will help fulfill our mission throughout Central Oregon.  Opportunity Knocks is a 501(c)6 non for profit organization. All donated funds go directly in support of administrative costs to allow this membership group to be a valuable resource across the region.


For more information: Email Michele or call 541-678-3706.