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Welcome Facilitators!

We are very grateful for your time and volunteer service!

Here you will find tips for OK facilitation and a list of guest experts available to visit your teams. This page is a flexible document – we’ll be updating it often so be sure to check it out when you’d like some inspiration or new ideas!

Please feel free to reach out  with comments, questions or suggestions related to facilitating for OK.


Facilitation Guidelines

As an OK Facilitator, you are responsible for leading and directing a group of 8-12 team members that meet monthly to improve their business or their role within their organization. The facilitator adheres to and promotes the guiding principles and proven practices of Opportunity Knocks; which include commitment, confidentiality and accountability. The facilitator is charged with organizing and directing the flow of the monthly meetings, encouraging team members to support each other to think strategically, solve problems and achieve goals. The facilitator maintains regular contact with the Executive Director to ensure the health of the team.

Essential Job Duties

  • Lead monthly team meetings
  • Prepare agenda before the meeting and disseminate notes after the meeting
  • Control flow of the meeting to ensure everyone’s needs are being fulfilled
  • Meet with potential new team members to insure best team placement
  • Invite guest speakers to present on particular areas of interest
  • Survey members for team health and individual needs assessment


Click the following titles to download:

Facilitation Dashboard

OK Facilitator’s Manual

Facilitator Guidelines 

Opportunity Knocks Member Guidelines and Liability Waiver

OK Liability Protection for Volunteers

OK Member Survey Results and Recommendations 

Sample meeting agenda

Short summaries from past Facilitator Trainings: October 2014 and April 2014

General Facilitation Tips

  • Take the stance as much as possible that group members in the room are skilled, wise, and knowledgeable, etc. and that there are good ideas and answers within the group.
  • Let the silence do the work. Make room for people to think.
  • Ask group members to take 2 minutes to write down their top ideas in silence before continuing the discussion.
  • Introverts need time to think before responding, make room for them to think.
  • Do not ask the same questions all the time
  • Use notes as facilitators to engage group from the previous meeting
  • Use industry experts in group to help w/ issue
  • Re-work conversation to make sure value is there for the members
  • Emotion: read it, acknowledge it, don’t sweep it under the rug
  • As facilitators, we have to be willing to take risks and ask the hard questions
  • Suggest the member meet with a single group member if the issue seems too tender or the person is hesitant to reveal the full problem
  • Note/track dialogue in the group – who is talking and who is not – aim is it full participation for best thinking
  • For engaging the whole group, ask the room, “What do you suggest?”
  • When the group is heavily in TELL mode and ASKING might be more effective: “Can you rephrase that into a question?”

Library of Facilitation Tips and Resources

These tips and suggestions are brought to you by OK facilitators like you! If you have a great tip, exercise or activity that your team loves, please share with Michele so she can add it to the library!

OK Facilitation Dashboard

Click here to download the OK Facilitation Dashboard, a place where you can keep track of attendance, team goals, quarterly surveys and your notes on team meetings. This can be uploaded into google drive or Dropbox to share with your co-facilitator. 

Asking Questions

One of the most important OK facilitation skills is asking questions that are thought provoking and elicit information from team members. Click here to download a list of OK Facilitation Questions in categories such as: when someone is stuck, when accountability and follow-through are needed, when someone is stuck, when there are multiple options to choose from, and more! 

Year Review and Goal Setting Exercises

Here is a Goals-Setting Exercise to walk through with your team:
1. Write down three business goals (and three personal goals) for 2016 – make sure the goals are specific, achievable and measureable.
2. For each goal, indicate one or two KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will tell you you’re on the right track and/or you achieved the goal
3. Write your answers to the following questions: What do I want to learn in 20__? How can my team support me to meet my goals in 201__?
Give your team plenty of time to complete the exercise – if done thoroughly, this will give you great material to revisit quarterly or six months from now as a check-in. 

Click here to download a detailed Goals-Setting resource that includes a review of the past year, an exercise for developing performance indicators, and an issues/opportunities exercise!

Structured Listening Exercise

Click here to download this structured listening exercise – a great way to organize the presentation of critical issues. This exercise keeps everyone participating in discussions – even when they’re not in the hot seat presenting a challenge of their own. 


Adding a New Member to your OK Team

Integrating a new member into your existing team can be a fun process! Here are some suggestions to give to the new team member so he or she can prepare an introduction.

Introduction 1. 

  • Share what you would like of your personal story-help us get to know you as a person
  • Brief overview of your business model
  • Your vision for your business for the next 3-5 years
  • What you need to achieve in 2016 to move your closer to your vision
  • Why you want to join an Opportunity Knocks group – what you need and what you can provide to the group as a contributor
  • Questions for our group and from our group members
Introduction 2. 
Welcome to OK Team___!  What do I need to prepare for my first meeting?
Please come prepared to teach us about your business.  If you have time, bring ___ copies of a one-page handout, so we all get to know you and your business, and don’t have to take notes.   Here are some ideas of what to include. You don’t have to include ALL of this:
  • How you came to your current business and position
  • The mission or purpose of your company.  That is, what difference do you make in the world?
  • Your company’s services/products
  • Your business’s stated values (if you have these!)
  • Your business structure:  organization chart, if any, operation, facilities, distribution, etc.
  • Your business vision for the next 3-5 years
  • Your business goals for 2016
  • Your biggest challenges for 2016
  • Who are you?  Interests, family, etc.
  • Vision for yourself over the next 3-5 years
  • Your personal values
  • Why Opportunity Knocks at this time?  What are your hopes and expectations?

Discussion topics

Are you looking for ways to create a more structured discussion in your meetings? Here are some suggested discussion topics:

  • Discussion/demo of specific tools used within our businesses.  Existing off-the-shelf stuff like Yammer, Slack, Sharepoint, Egnyte, as well as perhaps demos and discussions some cutting edge and lesser known tools.
  • How are others finding talent in Central Oregon?  How is the real estate and labor market affecting others, and what are our businesses doing about it?  From the avenues used (Craigslist, Indeed, headhunters) to how job postings are crafted, etc.  Are others using just-in-time recruiting or more of a cyclical, ongoing approach?
  • What strategies are being used to identify and maintain focus on the top priorities of the leader?  Are we using technology aides, checklists, meditation?
  • What are leaders doing to stay healthy and balanced as the stress, growth, uncertainty of our businesses fluctuates.  We all know exercise and balance is key, and what we’re doing within our daily routines to stay healthy and energized?
  • Discussion of meeting structures within our businesses – are others running daily huddles? Monthly staff meetings?  Retreats?

Vision Exercise

Click here for a Vision/Traction exercise from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Model. 

Functional Organization Chart

Have each team member complete an organizational chart for their company, include each person in the company and what roles they perform, as well as positions that need to be filled or included in the company. Click here for an example org chart.

Planning for the New Year

One way to make sure your team is getting their needs met for business development is to plan out the new year together. The team can decide on specific topics to be addressed each month. 

In addition to the typical OK meeting format of updates and identifying action items, some of our OK teams like to work together to set the agenda of topics for the year ahead. Team members take turns presenting topics to each other, and leading the discussion following the presentation. And they bring in experts when they can’t address the topic amongst themselves.  This planning strategy helps you to find out exactly what your team is looking for. 


Working Capitol Engagement

Tonya Bernardy at US Bank offers a Working Capitol Engagement process that has helped many local businesses.

“Working Capital Engagement is an efficient, two-step approach to understand and analyze your current payables or receivables processes resulting in a customized analysis and strategy designed to optimize your working capital”

Click for the flyer with more details. Tonya is happy to visit OK teams to ‘workshop’ a business during a meeting, so the whole team can benefit from watching the process. This will require a bit of prep time from the member who is going to be in the ‘hot seat,’ so they will need to coordinate with Tonya: 541.633-1241 or 

Website Grader

Prior to your next meeting, go to and enter in each team member’s website. You’ll get their scores really quickly and you can print them out – websites are scored on ‘Performance, mobile, SEO and Security. Printing out each member’s score can spark a great conversation at your OK meeting, and likely will result in a few action items!

Guest Speakers

The following experts are available to visit OK Team Meetings to give presentations or to do a question and answer session on their area of expertise. They are listed in alphabetical order by name.

You are welcome to contact these experts directly or contact Aly to set up a guest to visit your team.

If you are looking for a particular area of expertise, use shift+F to search for the topic your team is looking for. This list will be updated continuously – If you don’t see an area of expertise that your team would like to learn about, contact Michele and she’ll start looking for someone to meet your team’s need.

Michelle Alvarado

Expertise: At Wahoo Films, we believe great stories can lead people to take action. To accomplish this, we focus on creating engaging videos that tap into the hearts and minds of your audience.  In this presentation, we will explore finding your organizations story achetype.  We will also share ways to distribute that story to your target audience.

Bio: A quality video allows you to effortlessly reach people in ways that no other media can, more compelling, more immersive, and more experiential. Our films take a viewer on a journey, one that educates and inspires. Wahoo Films is a visual storytelling company, blending documentary style stories with cinematic techniques. We believe that the most powerful and memorable videos are rooted in delivering a clear and captivating story.  Wahoo Films works with you to determine the right distribution strategy and we are always looking for unique ways to reach your audience. Having a video is most effective if it is distributed through the right channels, whether through your own website, social media, film festival or somewhere unexpected. We are committed to making every effort to produce and deliver a successful media campaign for our clients.


Phone: (541) 693-4567

Brenda Bartlett

Expertise: Fraud and forensic accounting and auditing issues

Bio: Brenda Bartlett has served in public accounting since 1998 and is a partner at SGA. Ms. Bartlett is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Oregon. In 1998, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems/Accounting. She was awarded the Bronze Award for Outstanding Achievement on the November 1998 Uniform Examination for Certified Public Accounts by the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Ms. Bartlett has been involved with a variety of audit engagements including Municipal, not-for-profit, and private industry clients. Private industry audits include those in the software development industry, federally-subsidized research and development entities, computer hardware and support providers, and clients who specialize in web-site design and software maintenance and support.

OK Affiliation:  2016 Sponsor


Phone: (541) 388-7888

Audrey Beldon

Expertise: Commercial banking;financial planning/performance

Bio: As a part of the Columbia Bank Commercial Banking Team in Bend, I focus on assisting local businesses achieve their financial goals. I have been in commercial banking since 2013. Prior to that, I spent 10 years in finance with DIRECTV. I hold my masters in Accounting and have my Certified Management Accountant designation.

OK Affiliation:  Former facilitator


Phone: (541) 322-4432

Brian Cash

Expertise: Zero Inbox / GTD (Getting Things Done) / Trends in Web Design (2016) / Team Productivity Tools / Modern Online Commerce – Strategies / Social Media for Small Business / Selecting Your Social Media Mix / Starting an Intranet / Writing with Keywords, Writing Search Engine Friendly Pages / Selling Products/Services Online (any level)  / Website Analytics (any level) / Search Engine Optimization (any level)  / WordPress (any level)

Bio: Brian is the President/CEO of Alpine Internet and is a web developer, designer, and usability specialist. A trusted guide for web marketing strategy, design and development, Alpine delivers versatile and effective sites, apps, and hosting. Brian founded Alpine in May 1999 after a 10 year career at Intel Corp and has been an OK member for 8 years.

OK Affiliation:  Member of Teams 14 and 17,  Member of the Board of Directors


Phone: (541) 312-4704 ext. 100

Preston Callicott

Expertise: Tech Startup-focused general business

Bio: Preston’s early career was spent in sales, marketing, business development and management for Hewlett Packard, Advanced Micro Devices, and Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Services. After that, he made the transition to Silicon Valley startups in such roles as business development, product development and information technology. Today Preston is the CEO of Five Talent Software, a Bend-based company focused on custom websites, mobile apps and custom enterprise application development.

OK Affiliation:  Team 15 Member, Team 29 Facilitator, Member of the Board of Directors


Phone: (541) 719-8246

Peter Christoff

Expertise: Business formation, business sales and purchases, business succession planning

Bio: Pete is an Attorney at Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP.  Pete is passionate about helping his clients resolve issues and achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. He is service-minded, responsive, detail-oriented, and thorough in his approach to problem solving and planning. To this end, Pete strives to equip his clients with an understanding of the laws, regulations, and/or contractual language affecting their situation so that they are able to make informed decisions about how to achieve their desired result. When engaging in negotiations, Pete diligently advocates for his clients in a professional and thoughtful manner, always mindful of his clients’ desired outcome.

OK Affiliation:  Team 27 Member


Phone: (541) 389-1770

Blake Denman

Expertise: Local Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, website design, referral marketing. Our specialty is local SEO, which also encompasses a bit of social media, email marketing, and content marketing. Blake Denman

Bio:  Blake is the CEO of Rickety Roo, Inc.  RicketyRoo works with small to medium sized businesses to get them better visibility online. Services include local SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, inbound marketing, and website design.

OK Affiliation:  Team 27 Member


Phone: 951-764-8180

Dan Duggan

Expertise: Leadership, company culture, strategic planning

Bio: Dan Duggan is a consultant with Lion Heart Consulting, Inc. He is an inspirational leader, teacher, and coach with over 20-year’s experience as a successful business executive. He possesses the invaluable ability to quickly assess where an organization’s creative energy flows and where it is blocked. Once the areas of focus are identified, Dan’s insight and sincerity create a safe environment in which people discover their innate courage and they begin to accomplish what they never thought possible. Through deep caring, humor and strong coaching, he helps leaders to open to the joy in their work and invite forth the creative energy already existing in their organizations.

OK Affiliation: OK 20 Facilitator


Phone: 503-730-8982

Rob Fincham

Expertise: Retirement and succession planning; tax planning; employee benefits planning, estate planning; risk management; business transition from generation to generation or owner to employees; buy/sell planning

Bio: Rob is the owner of Fincham Financial Group. He is a licensed agent of New York Life Insurance Company, a Registered Representative of NYLIFE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Licensed Insurance Agency and a Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC.

OK Affiliation: Team 22 Member


Phone: (541) 480-6040

ShanRae Hawkins

Expertise: Marketing, public relations, advertising, marketing strategy, event planning, online advertising

Bio: ShanRae is the agency principal of Stingray Communications, a strategic marketing and public relations firm, based in Bend, Oregon. She has been providing strategic marketing and sales leadership to organizations for the past sixteen years, including launching two of Central Oregon’s signature developments: the Old Mill District/Les Schwab Amphitheater and Caldera Springs in Sunriver. Before launching Stingray Communications, ShanRae was Director of Marketing for the Old Mill District, Director of Marketing and Leisure Sales for Sunriver Resort, and Account Supervisor for DVA Advertising and Public Relations. Prior to moving to Central Oregon fourteen years ago, ShanRae traveled the world working for New Holland Credit Company and the Foreign Agriculture Service.

OK Affiliation: Team 14 Member


Phone: 541-383-7193

Coby Horton

Expertise: Banking

Bio: Coby Horton is US Bank’s Regional President for Central and Eastern Oregon. In this position, Coby oversees commercial/small business banking, private banking, and U.S. Bank’s 23 branches throughout the Central & Eastern Oregon region’s 47,000 square miles. The region employs approximately 200 individuals who collectively manage approximately $1.2 billion in deposits and $500 Million in both consumer and business loans. Coby graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from California State University in Fresno. He is also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School operating out of the University of Washington. Coby works at U.S. Bank’s office, located at 550 NW Franklin Ave. in downtown Bend.

OK Affiliation:  2016 Title Sponsor


Phone: 541-633-1981

Leslie Koc

Expertise: Retirement Transition – Coach, Speaker, and Instructor

Bio: With dual certification as a Coach and a specialization in Retirement Coaching, Leslie Koc supports clients in their quest to fully live their retirement and to leave a legacy. After thirty-four years in corporate executive leadership and senior team development, Leslie designed her own retirement life chapter here in Central Oregon.

She has been coaching individuals and groups about their own retirement since 2007. She has a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University and an MBA from Simmons School of Management. Leslie is now the owner of Coaching What’s Next. In addition to retirement coaching Leslie developed the class, Navigating Your Retirement, for COCC and has been teaching the class since 2011. Leslie’s topics fit audiences who are considering reducing their work schedule, selling a business, or planning to retire.

OK Affiliation: Friend of OK


Phone: 541-633-0090

Scott Lauray

Expertise: Accounting, Business consulting, business transfers, strategic planning, cash flow management, tax strategy, financial reporting.

Bio: Scott is a member of International Managerial Accountants, International Business Brokers Association and is currently a Certified Managerial Accountant candidate. He has experience in domestic, international, public and private companies in the manufacturing, medical, tech, retail, education, service and nonprofit sectors. At ProCFO, Scott serves in CFO roles, accounting, business acquisitions and consulting. He has also founded, been on boards of directors, invested in and been an advisor of a number of companies.

OK Affiliation:  Friend of OK


Phone: 541-728-0444

Eric Meade

Expertise: Long range business planning. I have a presentation and a very effective process for companies to follow that help them identify their: True North (their guiding trajectory that keeps them aligned given multiple opportunities thrown in their lap)/ Defining the passion statement and the WHY for the company / Development of core values / Development of clear marketing uniques / Establishing 3-year goals / Establishing 1-year goals / Development of plan to engage the team and implement the plans effectively

Bio: Eric Meade joined Entre Prises Climbing Walls in 1994 and led it through its largest growth period in history, before a successful exit in 2008. Since then, he worked as the Membership Director for Opportunity Knocks, was an investor in two Bend Venture Conferences, co-founded Bend Outdoor Worx and opened his own consulting business-Eric Meade Consulting. His passion is to support and develop leaders of businesses to establish clear strategies, financial planning, implementation planning, and a sustainable profitability model.

OK Affiliation:  Team 28 Facilitator


Phone: (541) 948-0578

Rod Ray

Expertise: Leadership, strategic planning, change management, operational excellence

Bio: Dr. Ray is a member of Capsugel and Bend Research’s Scientific and Business Advisory Board.  He has worked at Bend Research since 1983 was CEO from .  During his time there, Dr. Ray has held numerous positions specializing in the development and commercialization of a wide range of products.  He has been instrumental in directing the management of large-scale programs to advance pharmaceutical compounds through the development process to commercialization, serving as the primary management contact for client companies.  In addition to his expertise in advancing pharmaceutical processes and products, Dr. Ray has extensive experience in commercializing diverse products for the electronics, energy, medical, agricultural, and space industries.

Dr. Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Oregon State University and a master’s degree and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado – Boulder.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado and Oregon.  Dr. Ray holds 21 U.S. patents and has 41 scientific publications.

OK Affiliation:  OK Fan and guest speaker


Derri Sanberg

Expertise: Medical business management

Bio: Derri Sandberg has worked in the eye care industry since 2000, and in Central Oregon since 2007. Prior to living in Bend, Derri lived and grew up in Fargo, North Dakota. She is an eye care provider and owner of Lifetime Vision Care and joined OK 24 team in 2013.

OK Affiliation:  Team 22 Member


Phone: (541) 598-4971

Jim Schell

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Small business development, strategic planning, nonprofits, leadership, team facilitation, business writing, fundraising

Bio: Jim started four businesses in Minneapolis, the fourth one growing to 200 employees. He is the author of six books on small business including Small Business for Dummies, one of the nation’s top sellers in its category. He has founded four nonprofits in Bend, including TEDxBend and Opportunity Knocks, and has also completed three nonprofit turnarounds. Jim is currently Board Chair of Humm Kombucha, Boys & Girls Club and Opportunity Knocks and has facilitated hundreds of OK team meetings since OK’s 1996 founding.

OK Affiliation: Founder and Board Chair, Team 15 Facilitator


Jack Schniepp

Expertise: An area which many are increasingly interested is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). This has become a main focus of my practice. I currently write a blog ( on SRI related topics and am the only Central OR member of the US Sustainable Investment Forum (US/SIF). SRI opportunities and growth have skyrocketed in the past few years allowing all investors the opportunity to align their values with their portfolios – without having to sacrifice returns.

Also, as a Certified Financial Planner, I am able to provide input regarding planning strategies that benefit individuals, business owners and company bottom lines. Many of these strategies are not widely known or utilized and can have a significant impact on tax savings, alternative retirement savings plans, cash management, and asset protection planning.

Bio: After 12 years as a college baseball coach and teacher in Southern CA, I began my career in the financial services industry here in Bend in 2002. After 7 years with Morgan Stanley, I moved to Wells Fargo Advisors. In early 2013 I founded Cascade Financial Strategies is an independent Financial Planning and Investment firm. Shortly after this transition I began researching and implementing Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) for individuals, families, small businesses, and foundations interested in aligning their values with their portfolios.

OK Affiliation: Team 19 Member


Phone: (541) 728-7500

Niki Singlaub

Expertise: Product Design & Development, Product Line Management, Overseas Manufacturing, Crowdfunding

Bio: Niki is the Founder at HYDAWAY™ –  More than an inventor, Niki Singlaub is a ‘product guy’ and lives for designing, developing, building, and launching new products into the world. Niki came up with the Hydaway concept while traveling as a freelance product developer.  Niki’s expertise stems from almost twenty years in design, development, and management of consumer products in multiple industries. His background in engineering and business has prepared him to problem solve at all stages of the product launch process. On most days you can find Niki in and around the high desert of Bend, Oregon testing gear, brainstorming ideas, and taking his family beyond their comfort level.

OK Affiliation: Team 12 Member


Brian Stallcop

Expertise: Presentation on the book Profit First by Mike Mikalowicz. Brian helps business owners pay closer attention to the “P-word” using the principles of Profit First.

Bio: Brian Stallcop is the founder of Sherpa Wealth Strategies, an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm in Bend. He’s been helping clients align their financial choices with their most important goals and their most deeply held values since 2001. Prior to that, Brian was a journalist for 21 years, working in leadership positions for several newspapers around the country.

OK Affiliation: Team 12 Member


Phone: (541) 633-7728

Guy Vernon

Expertise: Real estate investment; exit strategy; small business planning and development

Bio: Guy Vernon is an advisor at Vernon Property Management and the owner of Vernon Construction. He has been in business for over 30 years and is a longtime member of Opportunity Knocks.

OK Affiliation:  Team 12 Member, Former Facilitator


Peter Wheary 

Expertise: Strategic IT planning, Managing remote employees, Developing a small company’s first level of management

Bio: Peter Wheary is the president of GreenLoop IT Solutions, an IT Managed Services company focused on bringing top notch, affordable computer network services and trusted technology planning to small and medium sized businesses in Oregon and Arizona.

OK Affiliation:  Team 29 Member


Phone: (541) 499-9070

Amber Yates

Expertise: Tax, accounting and financial consulting for closely held businesses, succession and estate planning

Bio: Ms. Yates has significant experience in tax, accounting and financial consulting for closely held businesses. She consults business owners and their families in business succession and estate planning matters. As a part of this work, she assists professionals and business owners in developing strategies to finance and capitalize their companies and develop purchase or sale strategies. She has also been called to provide expert testimony in areas of business accounting. In addition to her work in public accounting, Ms. Yates has worked within businesses both as an accountant and as a financial officer. This experience provides her a deeper understanding of closely-held businesses and their needs.

OK Affiliation:  Team 29 Facilitator


Phone: (541) 388-7888