peer mentoring, bend oregon, business, centraloregon Growth is the theme of everything we do at Opportunity Knocks. Individual growth. Organizational growth. Growth of our community. Growth of our program. Every time one of these grows, it has a direct impact on the growth of the other three, which is why improving our services, attracting more members, and growing our current member base is so important to us!

Each stakeholder (member, strategic partner, mentor, moderator and coach) contributes to creating a thriving environment to do what we do here: help professionals, executives and business owners in Central Oregon be more successful! We do this through peer mentorship teams with members providing experiential feedback, ideas and information to grow personally, professionally and to become more profitable. We also offer moderators, mentors and coaches along with speaker resources that add to the growing opportunity. In other words, we bring a community together with a shared commitment to grow!

And, just like our teams and the people on them: we are growing too! With 140 leaders and professionals as part of our community and over 24 teams, we are proud to be Central Oregon’s largest mentorship program, with new members and a variety of new teams being added to our community all the time. We have teams in a number of industries from products, retail, to service providers to non-profits; and from a variety of business models from Start Ups, B2B, B2C; and members who are senior executives, business owners, and independent professionals. So whether you are looking to connect with others in your industry, others with the same title, or others with similar philanthropic goals–chances are there is a team for you at Opportunity Knocks.

In addition to continuing to grow our community and our number of teams, we have a strategic plan in place with goals and objectives for ourselves this year.

Take a look at our commitment to building the Central Oregon business community in 2023.

Opportunity Knock’s 2023 Goals

Goal 1:

Build a stronger OK community.

To build our community, we are offering mixers for current and potential members along with an exciting hosted annual event (like this year’s Winter White Party at Tetherow), and a slack channel where we share resources and information to make our community stronger.

We continue to offer moderator, mentor, and coaching to the teams along with “best practices” training to help each team become stronger and more successful in their commitment and professional growth.

Goal 2:

Offer more learning opportunities.

In 2022, we added a variety of courses, workshops and learning opportunities for our members such as our strategic planning workshop, “Design Your Life”, and “Turn Your Idea into a Company” Launchpad series in partnership with OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab.

To continue with the learning momentum, we have committed to adding quarterly learning events based on topics requested by our current members, along with analyzing trends to bring new ideas and learning to our entire Opportunity Knocks community. This means creating opportunities to meet and engage with leaders of the Central Oregon community, providing members with a variety of resources and a guide for growing their career and business, and having advisors and resources at the disposal of each member and team versed in organizational development.

Goal 3:

Ensure financial viability for the Opportunity Knocks organization.

In order for our teams and members to be successful, we have introduced “best practices” models to our program. This means leveraging the financial support of our organization and using these resources for the best possible outcome for our members. This ensures a viable business resource for the community in Opportunity Knocks, and ensures it is a resource that is sustainable for years to come–far beyond the 26 years we’ve already been a part of the community.

Future Growth

Each one of these goals was created with our members, teams and their feedback in mind, and we have used these goals to build a strategy for our future growth. We are confident that our efforts will help create a lively and viable business community in Bend and all of Central Oregon.

Inquire with us today to find out if participating in our peer-to-peer professional mentor program is a good step for growing your business or career and what being part of a stronger, engaged and resourceful community of professionals is all about.


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