Dear Opportunity Knocks Facilitators,

Thank you all for the very warm welcome to Opportunity Knocks! For those of you I haven’t met in person yet, I’m happy to introduce myself as OK’s new Executive Director. I’m thrilled to be a part of such an incredible organization. I’ve currently visited four of our teams, with another five visits scheduled through mid-September.

The energy of the OK community is boundless and so much fun to be part of – thanks to all of you for the time, energy and care you put into your role as OK facilitator. You are truly the heart and soul of the organization and it’s a privilege to get to know you.

Our new 19-member Board of Directors is developing a handful of changes, including the following:

  • New messaging – OK’s key product is growth, which means something different to each OK member, depending on their goals. (For example, a company that is not interested in adding employees or increasing sales may view growth in terms of growing toward stability or growing in work-life balance.)
  • New procedures – for membership fees, recruiting members, creating teams and assigning members to teams.
  • New website – our sponsor Alpine Internet is developing our website to include a new directory of members.
  • New opportunities for members – including opportunities to increase their business’ exposure through the OK website and blog.

One of our board committees is dedicated to you, the facilitators, and will be working on how best to meet your needs. You will be hearing from them soon!

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions or concerns. I’d love your feedback or suggestions about how we can make OK Central Oregon’s premier tool for helping our local businesses and organizations grow and succeed.


Aly Waibel

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