Memories to Quilts

Everyone has stashes of T-shirts tucked away in drawers and boxes that seldom see the light of day. I convert these records of our lives into treasured keepsakes!
I make quilts from most any kind of clothing or fabric including T-shirts, jerseys, uniforms, sweatshirts, hoodies, work-shirts, bandanas, banners, flags, etc. – they all can be fabricated into a unique keepsake quilt.
Over time I have developed superior techniques and incorporate the best materials to make quality keepsakes. Several of my projects have been remembrance quilts made from the wardrobe of departed loved ones, and have had kind notes sharing how this has helped with the grieving process.
There are many wonderful fabric choices available to quilters. I help you choose the color that best reflects the personality of the person who wore the clothing.
If you or someone you know has started a quilting project that can’t be completed, I would be happy to finish it for you. I feel deeply honored to complete projects left behind by loved ones. My goal is to finish these quilts with the same style and intent as the person who first started them.
If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. There are really no rules. If you have a vision, let’s build it together!