Mountain Valley Co.

Mountain Valley Co. is a boutique coaching practice that believes everyone deserves a companion on their way to creating positive change – for themselves, for their community, and the world at large.

Mountain Valley Co (MVCo) provides strategic personal coaching for 21st Century ‘wonder women,’ emerging leaders, and scaling organizations seeking to become more resilient during the most complex years of life. Walking side-by-side with clients – virtually and in-person – MVCo helps individuals and teams acknowledge the narrative standing in their way, and stays with them as they craft a new one – inspired by personal values, innate talents, mindful behaviors and a bit of play! Each effort of ‘conscious adaptation’ follows a unique path, but every MVCo client receives a healthy dose of accountability and inspiration, without judgement on their experience or progress. MVCo does not administer a menu of assessments, but instead creates a space for clients to think, experiment, and learn about themselves, while bringing them closer to their larger strategic vision.