Cascadian Group

Cascadian Group, LLC (“Cascadian”) is a private firm dedicated to venture development, executive management consulting, and M&A support. We are on a mission to build better businesses, and believe in reaching beyond minor incremental improvements to seek crucial opportunities that can substantially enhance a company’s performance and value. Our clients are typically early-stage to mid-cap companies in transition, facing significant challenges and events.

We don’t waste time inventing new jargon, and won’t claim to possess some Super-Secret Specially Branded Consulting Sauce (TM). You will find no abstract academic theories, recycled presentation templates, best-selling book reviews, or canned consulting solutions here. We offer simply the most direct path to one’s stated business objective(s), with expert guidance and tangible contributions from people who have been there, done that. In this context, the firm is differentiated by its no-nonsense approach, uncommon cross-functional versatility, advanced implementation capabilities, and proven leadership.

OK Members:

Jay Riker – Facilitator of Team 6, Board of Directors

Jesse Lord – Team 8