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BioPharma Resource Group, LLC launched January, 2004 by business partners, Michael D. Reynolds and Stacey McCann, Ph.D. With backgrounds in Market Research and Pharmaceutical Consulting, they knew the needs of BioPharma companies and the challenges meeting them. More than a decade later, BioPharma Resource Groups is thriving, focusing on two distinct areas of Competitive Landscape Intelligence CardioVascular (CVrg) and Oncology (ONCrg).

BioPharma Resource Groups, LLC delivers year-round competitive intelligence and landscape analysis in the Cardiovascular and Oncology arenas. Coupled with a broad understanding of the landscape, our analysts are each assigned to a specific indication so they can delve deep, becoming subject matter experts for that area. Senior Consultants cover major conferences, interface with Key Opinion Leaders, present findings, produce monthly and quarterly research reports and never stop learning.

OK Member: Stacey McCann – Senior Partner – Team 30

Active Member since 3/5/2015


BioPharma Resource Groups
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