Pure Polish Products

Pure Polish Products is an all-natural, non-toxic leather care product company. We are focused on disrupting a centuries-old international industry: premium leather care. Pure Polish is sold worldwide and manufactured in Bend, Oregon. Previously known as GlenKaren Care Products, we have market clout among the high-end dress shoes & fashion industry. Although we are known as one of the best “shoe polishes” in the World, we foresee expanding into: Western, equestrian, leather furniture, leather accessories (watches, belts, wallets, handbags), Maker Movement – handmade leather goods, Sustainability Movement – restoring old leather goods (vintage items, military goods), Green Movement, and leather vehicle seats & upholstery.

Our distinct difference is that 1) We use only all-natural, non-toxic ingredients; and 2) We have a sweet orange aroma, compared with Turpentine and Naptha (Lighter Fluid) of our competitors.