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At Tekneek Architecture, we understand that our clients come to us because they are looking for timeliness, accuracy and integrity. They are looking for a partner they can trust on a $1,000 project or a $1.5 million project–knowing that regardless of the budget, both projects will be managed with equal creativity and diligence. We never underestimate the power of a small project in the lifelong commitment of building strong relationships.

Larry Wright AIA, founder of Tekneek Architecture, has been designing commercial property and high-end homes in the Central Oregon region for over 17 years. His custom home designs are recognized by creative design solutions that marry beauty and functionality with seamless integrity. Consistently going the extra mile has led to a wide ranging commercial portfolio including medical facilities such as the recently completed Sanford World Clinics facility in Klamath Falls, to Dutch Bros. Coffee, North Dairy Queen, Westside’s Ace Hardware and other notable projects.

“A relationship-centered approach is the driving force behind Tekneek Architecture’s business model. We approach projects as a team member–working closely with owners, consultants and builders alike to ensure that regardless of the project size, every member of the team is thrilled with the end result.”

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