SeQuential Biofuels

When you fuel up at a SeQuential Biofuel Station, you’re not just making the healthiest choice for the environment, your family, and your vehicle, you’ve also found a simple way to give back to your local community. SeQuential Biofuels was founded to bring people together to change the way we think about fuel. We partner exclusively with local companies to provide access to fresh, healthy fuel for every car and driver.

Our company’s journey has led us to establish a new kind of filling station and to invest in the founding of SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel, the largest commercial biodiesel producer in the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to selling nothing but regionally sourced and sustainably produced products. Whether it’s ethanol produced from local manufacturers, fresh food from Oregon-based companies, or SeQuential Pacific’s biodiesel made from locally recycled used cooking oil, we have something for everyone interested in supporting small businesses in our state. Now, just filling up the car can become a personal statement and a wholesome new experience, no special vehicles or equipment required.

OK Member: Tyson Keever – Team 15