Luckey’s Woodsman

Luckey’s Woodsman Off the Grid Catering Company is a food operation inspired by Oregon’s great outdoors. My grandpa Curtis Luckey created the original ‘Luckey’s Woodsman’ in Springfield, Oregon in the 1950’s. The name ‘Woodsman’ honors those who make their living from our vast forest products industry, the environmental conservationists/stewards, the game seeker, the fisherman, the camper, and all who stand in awe and appreciation of the high desert landscape.

Luckey’s Woodsman will provide diners in Central Oregon with a vast array of options ranging from camper kits, dehydrated organic food perfect for back country adventure, and an outdoor inspired menu from our food cart operation. We plan to establish a working relationship with local outdoor adventure companies to provide catering packages and food services for professionally guided trips as well as for personal outdoor excursions. Luckey’s Woodsman will feature a menu based on an elevated made-from-scratch outdoor themed cuisine with 1% of total monthly sales going to the Forest service and/or Land and Waterway conservation groups. Our goal is to be stewards of the environment while providing convenience to outdoor enthusiasts.