Inspired Melissa

At Inspired Melissa, we support heart-centered women in business. Inspired Melissa offers premier one-on-one coaching and support through the process of gestating a creative idea, on to the birth, the launch, and the growth of that into a lucrative business. We work with women(and sometimes men) who want to make the world a better place. The work varies, client to client and project to project — this flexibility and innovation contributes greatly to our success.

Aside from birthing a new business idea, Inspired Melissa has helped women write & publish books, launch courses and international schools, consulted a company that then won a multi-million dollar proposal, and managed our local farmers market, growing it by 40% two years in a row.

When working with Inspired Melissa, you will receive nurturing assistance for the development and maintenance of your prosperous and growing business. Whether you need brand building, graphic design or website development, Melissa offers special tailored packages – providing you with affordable and exceptional creative solutions.