The Idea Experts LLC

I have invented and patented the most functional line of gloves in the market called Multi MIT. There are 2 different unique features of Multi MIT. First, is the middle, index, and thumb fingers on both gloves that retract and are held back by Velcro or magnets. This feature allows the user access to their fingers for small piece handling or use of touch screen devices without compromising full hand protection. The second feature is the Multi Magnet, which is a small magnet sewn into the wrists of both gloves that has a separate detachable magnet and ring. This allows the user the ability to easily hang the bulky wet winter glove to the outside of a back pack or the zipper of any winter coat. Multi MIT solves 2 inconveniences that anyone in the world that wears winter gloves deals with: How do I use my touch screen device without yanking the gloves off and exposing the hands and second where do I put my wet, bulky winter gloves when I take the off? We have corrected both of those problems with both of our line of gloves. Multi MIT which has the work line of gloves along with winter and also motorcycle gloves is marketed to anyone who needs gloves for work or play. The second line i called I-Flo which caters solely to snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding. I-Flo is our higher end offering catering to the world wide culture of snowsports. Both of these patented designs have worldwide possibilities.