Meet Board Member Karen Douglas! 

When and why did you join OK?

I joined OK in January of 2017 as a board member.  I had just left a 19 year stint in the media industry and was looking to reinvent myself professionally but also to expand my engagement within the community.  Volunteering my time, experience and energy toward the mission of OK has been an incredible journey so far.  One that I see continuing for years to come.


What’s your favorite OK memory? OR What’s one thing OK has helped you do, understand or accomplish?

I strongly believe that our business eco-system is stronger when collectively we help support one another.  OK exemplifies this through mentoring and connecting people, ideas and resources.  My involvement with the board has allowed me the opportunity to both experience this strength within my own business development and to support others in their endeavors.  Just imagine what we could accomplish if everyone was part of OK!


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